The Pearson Room

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If there is one thing that Canary Wharf has abundant, then that is glass and the beautiful views that come from those towers made of it. Being more or less an attachment to Reebok Gym (of which I am now a proud member of), it was inevitable that I would end up trying it out.

Location: The Pearson Room, Canary Wharf, London

Cuisine: European

Camera: iPhone 6

The entire setting is rather intimate and dare I say romantic – especially if you manage to grab a seat on the comfortable sofa chairs that have a prime view of the ice rink. The lighting is dimmed, there is soft music playing in the background, and the furniture hides you well enough to be able to relax and unwind.

The Protein Provider “snack” was quite a surprise – at first not being able to decide whether I love it or hate it, ending up quite loving it. It certainly sets the tone for the restaurant being a bit more concerned with providing healthy food options (it is, as I said, right next to a gym). The rib eye with truffle was decent enough as well, though there was very little to no trace of truffle. What I tend to love about the mushroom is the delicious smell that it has whereas this dish had none of that. The artichoke salad really is great with the Jerk chicken – again, a healthy dish, full of flavours. Good restaurant to grab a reasonably healthy meal after a good workout. Or alcohol. They serve that too.

Grade: Sainthood
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