Kimchee To Go (Bloomsbury)

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Korean version of Pret a Manger – complete with the wooden interior meant to make the place look more appealing and sophisticated than it actually is.

Location: Kimchee To Go, Bloomsbury, London

Cuisine: Korean

Camera: iPhone 6


If anyone would give me a blind test with the food offered at Kimchee, I doubt that I could recognize it’s Korean origins – except for, perhaps, the sauces, none of the foods resemble remotely what their inspiration tastes like. The beef bibimbap, for example, is a few rashers of beef with a trickle of (what I presume is) bulgogi sauce. They throw in (literally) some rice from a rice cooker and then charge you a good 5-6£.

Kimchee is also home to what I would like to call the “torture chairs” – they look nice but you can barely sit on them without feeling a moderate amount of pain or discomfort. Perhaps Torture Garden should get some inspiration from them should they ever want to make their chairs thematic.

Grade: Purgatory
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