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At the very top echelon of machismo culture – from a restaurant perspective at least – comfortably sit sport bars. Drinking a beer and having a burger. Beyond that, however, it’s a great place if you want get a different feel, as well as a great place to watch the upcoming Wallabies Rugby Quarterfinals.

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Cuisine: American
Square Meal

Camera: iPhone 6

The space really is quite interesting – giant screens with sports going on everywhere, a motorcycle in a cage, Coke that tastes funny – all in all what I would expect from the great nation across the pond. Better than any pub I’ve tried to watch sports in, where you cram a few buses of people and give them two screens (really, I want to see more than just stickmen running across a field).

The fun stops there – the food is as good as England’s play against Australia the other week (hint: it’s not). I ordered the burger sliders, which you can mix and match. The bread was like those tiny dough balls you get in Sainsbury to bake in the oven but then midway through cooking them there’s a citywide blackout and you have to eat them half baked. The meat (and I use the term loosely) felt it couldn’t be outdone so it was chewy and tasted like spam. There was barely any clear distiction between the different types of burgers, except for the dirzzle of cheese in some and a tiny piece of salami in the other.

Would come back here to watch any sort of sporting events and grab a drink, but I’d skip on the food.

Grade: Purgatory




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