The Crystal Cafe

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Royal Victoria area covers quite a few exciting bits: the Emirates Air Line (which, I presume, is a London Eye of the East), wakeboarding, shiny new glass buildings and an emptiness uncharacteristic to London. Then there’s also questionably named places like “The Crystal Cafe” (or have I just seen too much Breaking Bad?).

Location: The Crystal Cafe, Custom House, London

Cuisine: Cafe

Camera: iPhone 6

It goes to show that simply having a modern looking space doesn’t translate into good quality anything; unsure whether the place was meant to be self-service or whether there was an ultimate purpose (of attracting sewer rats) for all the litter spread around the tables. Ordered Earl Grey, and, when I was having my customary first inhalation, realized with horror I was given builders tea (the dreaded English Breakfast). The Peppermint tea was also horrible, and I don’t understand how you can mess up peppermint tea.

As a final rant, I really dislike places that offer you paper cups for drinks when you want to sit inside – surely any one cafe or restaurant should attempt to make you linger, to enable you to feel welcome and at ease in that space. Paper cups are a big “Please leave as soon as possible” and they look horrible.

Grade: Inferno
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