Canteen (Canary Wharf)

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The word “Canteen” has never brought to my mind a place that would be either pleasant or visited unless forced to – Eastern Europe has truly ruined much of this universe for me. Even the connotations in English aren’t that good – it was then interesting to see how a chain would hope to turn that around.

Location: Canteen, Canary Wharf, LondonCanteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cuisine: Breakfast

Head Chef: Sofian

Camera: iPhone 6Square Meal

Which, in truth, it doesn’t manage much of: Canteen, while at times seemingly trying to be cute and innovative about space (they offer sockets and WiFi – most likely because everyone in Canary Wharf needs to work all the time, no rest for the wicked) doesn’t feel incredibly original or impressive.

First comment – Teapigs is a horrible company that should be banned from selling their weed as something to make the sweet nectar of gods. The food was alright, but the poached eggs were slightly overcooked (the yolk should have been slightly more liquid), the toast in the avocado dish was incredibly hard to cut through (soldiers should be though, but not when it refers to bread). The staff was incredibly friendly however and the first day of work means I am now pooped – so over and out.

Grade: Purgatory



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