Cereal Killer Cafe (Camden Town)

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Even if not on one’s radar prior to recent events, after the anti-gentrification “protests” took a turn to the violent side Cereal Killer Cafe certainly started popping up everywhere in my Facebook feed. Debates on the hipster nature of the cafe abounded, together with arguments on the rather high price for what is in fact a bowl of cereal and milk. Is it worth a visit then?

Location: Cereal Killer Cafe, Camden Town, London

Cuisine: Cafe

Owners: Gary Keery and Alan Keery

Camera: iPhone 6

The place was manned by only one person when we arrived, and could have easily been replaced by a sloth – he moved with such languor collecting various boxes of cereal to pour into the bowls that we ended up waiting about 15 minutes to be served (there were only two people in front of us). The twins (owners) then popped back to the front and things started moving with a usual pace. There is an excitement about all the various types of cereal available (especially since some brands can’t be bought in the UK – at least not easily), and a lot of freedom as to type of milk and what to sprinkle on top.

There are some ready made options of cereal and toppings – but they all seemed incredibly sweet and just over the top (someone in front of us had some sugary cereal with a topping of marshmallows, some white chip chocolate, ice cubes and the sort). Luckily you can also add fruit, which combined quite well with Fruit Loops. The inside is quirky, reminiscent of childhood series, but overall it’s not a place I would come back to on a regular basis. The concept is interesting – but it’s just cereal, and the cafe isn’t really a killer.

Grade: Purgatory

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  1. I thought the same of Cereal Killer! The idea is nice, but it’s just overpriced cereal to be quite honest.

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