Mouse Tail (Borough)

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As I stood there, in front of the window, my mind was baffled by the conundrum: it’s a library, but no, it’s a cafe, but no, it’s a library. Which is what makes this particular outlet of Mouse Tail so fascinating in fact – the very construction and placement of it.

Location: Mouse Tail, Borough, London

Cuisine: Cafe

Camera: iPhone 6

The cafe is in fact intertwined with the John Harvard Library, Mouse Tail slowly fading into bookshelves and the separate tables that this free social space offers. This makes for quite an interesting mix of people but also means it feels more airy and unique.

The tea – from now dubbed as “flavored water” (I become tired of bemoaning how mistreated tea is in cafes) – was bad. Luckily I poured enough sugar to eventually give it some taste. There is a variety of options for food, us having gone with the salami toastie and the veggie avocado one as well. The sandwiches were tasty but average, slightly too greasy (tho a nice addition of salad on the side) and the salami felt incredibly salty (this coming from the person who sometimes likes to just lick salt).

Grade: Purgatory

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