Cutter & Squidge

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A few days prior I was chatting to Anca about our potential, future marriages (we’re looking into the very distant future here) and debated whether large cakes can ever be all that tasty. We ended up to Cutter & Squidge more because bakeries have this often misleading way of entrancing you with nice looking cakes rather than any particular reviews or prior knowledge.

Location: Cutter & Squidge, Soho, London

Cuisine: Desserts

Camera: iPhone 6


The shop seemed to offer two main options: large pieces of cake (coming in various “flavours”) and, what I am told, is an original recipe made by the owner, the biskie. Cream between two biscuits, with different flavours. An Oreo basically. Created in 1912. Original.

Hungry (the Japanese saying for this, “onaka ga suita”, “my stomach has gone empty”, doesn’t go far enough) we decide to be adventurous and try one of each type: the Salted Caramel Smore Biskie and the Raspberry, Rose and Lychee Cake.

The Biskie tasted well (it’s really not easy to fuck up a biscuit), especially since it was small enough that divided to two people doesn’t have time to make you sick. Tried using the spoon provided but the dessert resisted most attempts to be eat civilised. The cream could have easily been left out – the smore was tasty and gave a fluffy, marshmallow consistency to it.

The rest of our culinary journey here is what I could call a train-wreck. We debated, and disagreed some about what was wrong with the cake: Anca thought the cream tasted insufferably much of butter, adding that “if I wanted to eat butter I’d just buy one in the shop for less”. I thought the cream (which did have an unpleasantly buttery texture, nothing that felt fresh) had an overpowering rose taste, one which is completely artificial, while lacking raspberry to a large extent and lychee to all extents.

Half-way into the cake (shared by two people) neither could eat anymore of the cream so we were carving the batter out – whose only actual quality was being edible. Ultimately we decided that if we had been poured a bowl of sugar, we would have enjoyed it more.

Grade: Inferno

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