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Waterloo – while incredibly central – has always seemed a bastion of desolation once you move away from the riverside. Few of my friends could be said to have ventured in this area beyond just going to university (King’s has a campus there). Yet Lower Marsh street is teeming with cafes that are quirky and interesting, waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Location: Traveling Through, Waterloo, London

Cuisine: Cafe

Camera: iPhone 6

More of a bookstore with an annexed cafe than one in the proper sense of it (and that is how it advertises itself as well), Traveling Through is intimate, even though a bit harder to find at first. The cafe is downstairs, beyond the shelves of books, which adds a sense of secrecy to it. Like a place only known to a select few people.

The place was currently home to a nature photography exposition by Rachel Wegh (who was supposed to give a talk later that day), boasting several other events in the future. However, the qualities of Traveling Through sort of end there. While they tried to be more original with the teas – this is the first time I have come across Mediterranean Grey (a variant of Earl Grey I am told) – the taste went well beyond what such tea should be. It tasted more like the wild flowers (and I use the term “flowers” loosely) my dad picks and dries and which I deeply despise the taste of.

There is a rather limited (and not entirely appeasing) selection of cookies and cakes. The Pistachio & Cardamom Shortbread should have been named Shortbread – the only traces of pistachio were the small crumbles on the outskirts, and the entire thing tasted rather bland, barely resembling the taste of shortbread let alone the extra ingredients. The cups were nice tho.

Grade: Purgatory
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