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Metropolitan life often means the food scene is most vibrant (or, better put, most visible and popular) within the strict confines of the city center, with outskirts and suburbs at times finding glory in their diversity (Springvale in Melbourne being great for Vietnamese, or Yokohama in Tokyo fulfilling the role of Chinatown). However, lack of visibility should only cautiously be translated into lack of culinary value.

Location: Verden, Clapton, London

Head chef: Tom Fraser

Cuisine: Cheese & Charcuterie

Camera: iPhone 6

The only way to get me out of the comforts of zone 1-2 are usually either raving reviews, dates or getting on the wrong bus on my way home after a night of partying. Often however I feel lucky (except for the wrong bus option) as it’s a great way to explore not just restaurants, but also areas I would perhaps not otherwise get to see.

The light is dimmed in Verden, the wooden tables generally surrounded by people enjoying one too many beers, glasses and cups shattering on a regular, cyclical basis. Besides the cheese boards and charcuterie (and a huge wine selection, but, really, no actual foodie would indulge in drinking alcohol if they plan on reviewing a place based on the merits of the food), there’s a small selection for dinner that includes cooked food.

The food was surprising: the chicken livers were delicious, fried on one side until golden and crisp, with the other remaining soft and moist. This made the texture of the livers great and ensured that the taste (and nutriments) wasn’t destroyed by over-frying. Should be a dish avoided if you have a problem with cholesterol, but otherwise it’s a great source of Vitamin A (ending the small nutritional values rant).

Pie has never been a particular favorite of mine, and this place surely didn’t change that (but I wanted meat for main and they had replaced the duck with a venison pie). The dough was well done, and crumbly (which is how I prefer it), but inside the dish felt much too heavy, often overpowering in the taste of the sauce, and I could only find the figs after extensive digging. I’m just trying to find some figs, not the tomb of Nefertiti.

The staff was quite friendly, and I think the place has a lot to offer in terms of food and even more so in terms of potential (that, and their website is gorgeous).

Grade: Sainthood 
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