Tom’s Kitchen (Canary Wharf)

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At the back of my head, it always seems futile to review branches of a chain. Whilst different management can bring different results, surely the point of a franchise is to maintain similar standards across its various locations.

Location: Tom’s Kitchen, Canary Wharf, London

Cuisine: British

Camera: iPhone 6


That would probably be true for things like Nandos or McDonalds, but there are various other factors that make such assumptions less clear-cut. Some include location (and, perhaps, the view) and different head chefs for each kitchen.

By far less busier than its equivalent in Chelsea, tea and cake time at Tom’s Kitchen Canary Wharf on a Saturday evening meant, at some point, being the only occupied table. The staff seemed much more bubbly (not a surprise when you don’t have to be the character from Dinner Dash) and luckily there was still some cake left from the kitchen.

The cakes we ordered (walnut & orange for myself, pistachio for my co-foodie) were tasty, but nothing out of the ordinary. The texture was quite nice, somewhat crunchy in both due to the nuts, and the walnut blended well with the orange. At times, however, they felt a bit stale, as if they had lingered in the kitchen a while too long. The tea pot was also half-empty. Literally.

Grade: Sainthood

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