Spaghetti House (Soho)

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Italian food – once perhaps at the upper echelons of romantic dining – has taken somewhat of a humble path in the last few years. With all the recent Italian cuisine chains popping up everywhere, even ignoring the fact that pizza is now consumed as a de facto junk food most of the times, it was time to delve deeper into how well it’s faired from a taste point of view.

LocationSpaghetti House, Soho, London

Cuisine: Italian

Camera: iPhone 6


Somewhere, in the deep Italian south, hundreds of Italian grandmas are turning in their graves. While that might sound harsh, it’s the only reaction anyone proud of their national cuisine could have to the crass commercialization of it, attached to such mediocrity. By far better than Pepe, both as atmosphere and cooking, it still doesn’t quite make the cut for a place where actual human being with functioning taste buds should go.

I must give it points for originality: the lasagna, instead of the usual lasagna pasta, was instead cut into tiny pieces on the inside. Good thing they think of their customers and wanna make chewing, that dreadful side-activity to eating, a tiny bit easier. The meatballs, however, went in the entirely other direction and extensive mastication was involved. It must have been one of those “fitness” recipes, for people who want to burn more calories than they intake.

The staff was friendly bordering on weird.

Grade: Purgatory

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