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One of the things I dearly miss from Australia, besides the constant fear of the entirety of nature attempting to murder you, is Spudbar. An affordable, healthy fast food chain. Could I have found that in London?

LocationPepe, Covent Garden, London

Cuisine: Italian

Camera: iPhone 6

No. Whilst affordable indeed (6/7£ for pasta), the place has a depressive environment about it reminiscent of Stephen King’s “The Shining”. It’s not exactly boiled plastic, but the pasta soon becomes unappealing after a few bites.

There seems to be little nutritional value in them – besides sauce and what I hope really is pasta, there were only crumbles of meat or vegetables. The veggie option was less pasta with pesto and more pesto with pasta, if you get the hint. The staff is friendly, and they do let you pick from different options to put in the same box.

Grade: Purgatory
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