Cafe Le Cordon Bleu

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I expected the cafe of one of the top culinary schools in the world to be teeming with life, yet the place was eerily empty and it rarely receives much attention on the blogosphere. Time had come to explore this hidden gem in Bloomsbury Square.

LocationCafe Le Cordon Bleu, Bloomsbury, London

Cuisine: Cafe

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The fact that the cafe is part of a culinary establishment is felt in the air – the lady at the till was excited and eager to give us explanations about how the breads are made, the ingredients of the sandwiches and answer any questions we could possibly have. Everything is cooked by the master chefs from the school, starting as early as 4am it would seem to prepare the breads.


It is obvious that whomever is making these sandwiches (which one would think aren’t all that sophisticated in essence) is a master at his trade. Both the Sandwich de la Mer (with crayfish) and the Smoked Salmon Sandwich were exquisite – nothing in them was overpowering (often the case with smoked salmon), but instead there were a variety of ingredients whose flavour could all be clearly felt. The crayfish blended in amazingly with avocado and, what we thought, was some sort of paste which contained seeds. The bread was fresh (no hard corners to break my teeth on).

The coffee smelled delicious, and had a great taste too – this coming from someone who hates doesn’t drink coffee.

Then the dessert was also delicious: whilst I forgot the name, the French choux pastry ball filled with pineapple cream was refreshing whilst not being too sweet (something pineapple can easily push towards), and the presentation was simple yet elegant. The green bits in the picture are made of white chocolate. I’m told it was free of any traces of heaven but maybe they need to be more careful about where they store the cakes.

Grade: Apostle
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