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Despite attempting to live a life guided by fitness, virtue and endless sarcasm (as I say this, Ginsberg’s “Howl” comes to mind, with endless…), one needs to be able to indulge every now and again. Indulgence being a rarity (of sorts), it should hence be done properly and with the best there is – you don’t want to waste your cheat day on garbage. Finding a good desserts place isn’t easy, but there is plenty of hope.

Location: Princi, Soho, London

Cuisine: Desserts (Italian)

Camera: iPhone 6 (blame the moving out for this)



Princi is always full – day in day out, there is rarely a moment it’s chairs are empty. Which in itself is a sign of the quality of the food – even if the staff is at times hasty, at times rude. A veritable temple to the roman gods, with marble and copper, with fountains and faucets (and Aesop in the bathroom. Any restaurant that has Aesop in the bathroom is a restaurant that needs to be visited, if only for the loos).

The desserts are all incredibly tasty, especially the cannoli – which is my favorite. Every bite, with the cheese under-textures, makes me imagine pastures of sheep grazing happily under the warm spring sun.

Grade: Apostle

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