La Patisserie Des Reves

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The French always elicit respect when it comes to food (and snobbery, often intertwined), so a petite desserts cafe specializing just in that had been a boon to South Kensington. It had often become a pit-stop for me when in the area; any place (or man) that manages to keep my attention for more than a week at a time deserves at least some credit.

Location: La Patisserie Des Reves, South Kensington, London

Cuisine: Desserts (French)

Camera: iPhone 6 (blame the moving out for this)


There is much to appreciate about this small gem: the staff is always helpful and pleasant, they often offer little samplings of various cakes that they prepare (who doesn’t like a good batch of samples?), of which there is quite a variety of. In spring and summer the cafe sprawls onto the outside pavements in a South Kensingtonian fashion.

The cakes themselves are always quite delicious, and the staff really know how to recommend them according to what taste you have. The variety is important (as is the fact that the cakes do change often), ranging from fruit tarts (such as the raspberry one), to fruit and macha cakes, Madeleines, Cannele and all sort of wonders.


Grade: Sainthood

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