Love & Scandal

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In the incessant rush of our modern lives, we are often only afforded glimpses into actual living. Glimpses of people, of places, of taste as we shovel food down our throats so we can make that next meeting, that next appointment. It’s not always that time is given to fully appreciate any one place you have coffee at, or lunch; yet some places leave a lingering, a biter-sweet regret that not sufficient appreciation was given to it.

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Cuisine: Cafe

Camera: iPhone 6 (blame the moving out for this)


Love & Scandal gives me such aftertaste, like a piece of fruit you swallowed fast then realized you should have spent time savouring. A place that must be seen again.

Inspired by a Henry Fielding quote (“Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea”), this gorgeous coffee place does exactly what it says on the can. It provides a relaxed environment to work, surrounded and inspired by posters of comics (if neither superheroes nor supervillains motivate you, then I give up), with incredibly friendly staff, tasty morsels and soft drinks! All too often I am disappointed by cafes that don’t provide for a cold, sugary beverage to kickstart a sweaty self, but not this time!

Grade: Sainthood


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