Breakfast Club

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Ever since it’s inception in 2005, Breakfast Club had been one of those insane trends that sees queues day long, in a way similar to the “5 Guys” insanity. As breakfast food is the best food (Parks and Recreation, 2009), it had been on my radar for quite some time and I wanted to test my theory that trendy restaurants are almost always over-hyped.

LocationBreakfast Club, Canary Wharf, London

Cuisine: Breakfast

Camera: Nikon D40, 18-55mm Nikkor Lens & 50mm Nikkor Lens


My first reaction, as we waltzed inside, was “This place is way too American for me”. I think this offers a great insight as to how the restaurant feels and looks like. The second thought that came through my mind, “Oh look so many gays” is probably less of a feature of Breakfast Club. The theme, “Diner in Gold”, might resemble a painting by Klimt but with less talent or good taste.

The staff was quite friendly, and (tap) water was on the table before we could even say anything – which is quite nice when often in London you get a bit of sass when wanting the free kind of water. Breakfast Club also does offer breakfast food all day long- which is certainly a bonus. Is the hype worth it? We were only there for pancakes really – which were nice. There was fresh fruit on them, maple syrup, but they definitely did not blow my mind. In truth, they seemed rather like average pancakes. Edible, well priced, but we shared a portion and I wouldn’t have eaten any more.

Good place for an inexpensive dessert (or breakfast craving), but that’s about it.

Grade: Purgatory 

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