Champagne + Fromage

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Cheese has a special place in my stomach, as one of those foods so readily available yet so often misunderstood and underestimated. Consumerism has been both a boon and a curse to the food industry in many regards. It’s great to see when restaurants such as Champagne + Fromage dedicate themselves solely to these ingredients.

LocationChampagne+Fromage, Covent Garden, London

Cuisine: Cheese

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Champagne + Fromage is small, with a gentle rustic vibe – candles set on wooden tables at the back, the great cheese fridge at the entrance, a black board with chalk-written options on it. The staff is adequately friendly, and the menu is adequately simple.

Almost all of the menu options involve cheese (you can order charcuterie as well), varying from cheese boards, to tartines (a sort of toast with cheese on top, with various other ingredients on top as well; went for the Gascogne – smoked duck is amazing), Baked Camembert, Quiches and a selection of desserts. Everything was delicious, and some of the desserts (like the raspberry and champagne tiramisu) are an ingenious take on the original recipe.

Certainly not a restaurant you would come for a proper meal – cheese is delicious but hardly filling – but a great choice for something a little bit different, and for some good nibbles and flutes of champagne.

Grade: Apostle

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