Protestant Snow (Switzerland #1)

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“Protestant Rome”, as Geneva seems to be called (due to it being the seat of many reformists, including Calvin and Farel), had been not just a place for revival of the Christian faith for some, but also a sort of revival for my own moribund travel blog. A city that defies expectations, created by media and movies, one that certainly offers a quaint type of solace to the soul.

Clocks, and banks with intricate vaults, waiting to be plundered by even more intricate thieves, was all that I could be thinking when imagining Geneva. Streets of marble, perfect to the millimeter, riches and gold. This would be, in all honesty, what one thinks of Switzerland based on movies – not the most accurate in fact. The train station side of Geneva is also home to the Red District and the Immigrant one; 15 minutes in, and I had already been propositioned by prostitutes on the street.

My kind of city.

Rather run down, rather rainy.

As, for some reason, I seem to have much too few pictures of this trip, as well as it having happened a few months ago and it being a revival post, I’ll keep it incredibly short and mention a few things to do. There aren’t many. The lake is beautiful, as is the Jet D’Eau (that giant column of water, you really can’t miss it – tho it seems it doesn’t always work). In the central district, there is an excellent vibe, despite the city being rather quite small. Unless incredibly cloudy, the mountains can be seen not very far away.

There are a number of museums around, such as MAMCO (Museum of modern and contemporary art), and the St. Pierre Cathedral has wonderful stained glass. The Palace of Nations also has it’s seat here, where the United Nations meets.

Off course, all of those you can find out from simply googling Geneva – so I fear that I have failed you in being less mainstream. A few places I suggest for eating are Chez Ma Cuisine (cheap, by Swiss standards at least, but really good rotisseries Chicken and get some lovely Swiss wine too!) and Holy Cow for some great burgers (it’s near the train station).

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