Chia Seed Pudding

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Often you hear of all manners of incredibly healthy foods such as "quinoa" or "chia", always placed in those sections of Waitrose that should have a giant neon sign saying "This will cost you an arm and a leg"; and for some reason, people also tend to associate this foods either with hypes or with the downside that they taste so repugnant that you have to chug them down with a good dose of alcohol. Today I've decided I would take a look at chia seeds and a quick, easy dessert you can prepare (can even be made the night before for a simple breakfast snack).

Chia seeds are a great source of protein and omega-3 - but in all honesty, if you're looking to bulk up and not end up paying your entire monthly salary on it, stick to cheaper things such as oats and porridge which end up giving you the same amount of calories for a much smaller price.


40 g Chia Seeds (approx 4 tablespoons)
300 ml milk (can be replaced by almond milk, soy milk etc.)

1. Add 4 tablespoons (shaved) of chia seeds into a glass.

2. (Optional) Add other ingredients in the mix to suit your taste - they can include things such as nuts, coconut, chopped up fruit. Chia seeds are a bit bland and tasteless, so it's a great idea to add something that would help with the flavour.

3. Pour the milk of your choice over the seeds. I use Chocolate Oatly to also help, as mentioned in Step 2, with the fact that Chia Seeds have very little taste. Make sure you mix well so that lumps don't form that will stop some of the seeds from absorbing the liquid. Now you can safely put it in the fridge and serve it in 2-3 hours or overnight. Chop some fruits on top and voila!

Really I feel bad about even calling this a recipe - you barely have to do anything.

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