Whyte & Brown

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It is often the case that cities have little bits of themselves stashed away, even in central/touristy areas such as Oxford Street; surely enough I’d more easily find my way out of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth than figuring out where Kingly Court is (even after nearly 5 years here), but once you do find it the place has a great intimate vibe, one which, if I had been to places like San Francisco ever in my life, I would say is like that.

LocationWhyte & Brown, Soho, London

Chefs: Paul Fletcher

Cuisine: Chicken

Camera: Nikon D40 – 50mm lens


Given there was finally some nice weather, Kingly Court is a great place to enjoy those precious days of sunshine – the place is airy yet shielded from tourists, giving off more of a vibe of Portugal or other nice Mediterranean countries rather than good ol’ England. There’s plants and greenery hanging about, with a decent amount of commotion to keep the place alive, but not too much to take away the beauty of silence. It’s hard to catch up when you end up in places where you have to shout at the other person.

Whyte & Brown specializes in chicken – so don’t have high hopes to see much else. But they are good at what they do – the Spring Chicken (13£) was tender and delicious, with some nice pesto on the dish for you to play around with; having been char-grilled, the chicken also had that nice BBQ feel about it (chef Paul Fletcher has quite the attachment to BBQ) but delivered in a much more appealing way. There is an obvious Italian influence to the entire dish – which is easily explained by the head chef having spent quite some time at Jamie’s Italian.

Overall, a healthy, light lunch that works perfectly with a sunny day, whether you plan on planting yourself in a park afterwards or plowing away at work jealous of the people in the park. No idea if the burger was any good – you’d have to ask Cherie about that.

Grade: Sainthood

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