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Jazz music instantly ignites inside my mind the imagery of brass and copper, of steel and other cold metals – and how, under the guile of their owners, become animated and sing such heart-warming melodies. “Gin & Jazz” Night at Tredwell’s was an instant great choice for a Sunday night – not only because of alcohol and music, but also because it’s an eatery from Marcus Wareing Restaurants – the patron of the Gilbert Scott in King’s X.

LocationTredwell’s, Covent Garden, London

Head chef: Unknown

Cuisine: British

Camera: Nikon D40 – 50mm lens


The restaurant is split on two levels, one above the ground enjoying access to such things as sunlight, and below, with more intimacy and less sun to burn your hungover eyes (or vampirism). The place is spacious and airy, with a clearly unique and well thought out design that does play very well with the idea of jazz and that period in time of history.

One aspect quickly makes itself remarked from the beginning – the staff is friendly, but not the kind of trained, fake politeness that restaurants generally offer, but a type of casual friendliness, as if you were visiting someone’s home. There is rarely a moment in which you are not made to feel completely cared for – like any good host would ensure.

The food is similar in form to that at Gilbert Scott, and the same quality is ensured for the taste. A giant pot landed on our table, alongside sweet potato chips and broccoli with almond butter. Under the lid was a whole chicken – carved up and cooked, not alive and flapping – on a bed of golden potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and baked sheer joy. Hearty food.

The bar is also top notch – akin to the Gilbert Scott’s – so all you alcoholics rejoice.

Grade: Sainthood

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