Moroccan Eggs

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Breakfast food – as Parks & Recreations series knows oh too well – is the best kind of food. Given my obsession with it, it is, I agree, shocking that I haven’t tried all that much to write more about how to make it. As the entire website is going through a revival period, it’s perhaps time to resuscitate the recipes section as well.

Pleasant as the thought of waking up to freshly baked croissants is, the cold harsh truth lies within the fact that we (and by this I mean me) usually prefer those 10 extra minutes of nap which pushes us to either entirely skip breakfast or rush out the door whilst juggling yogurt, bananas and corn flakes. When it’s not about being rushed, it often tends to be that there’s little energy or mood to spend an hour cooking a champion’s breakfast.

Moroccan eggs is not a dish for people who are rushing – but it’s a dish which easily let’s you multitask as it needs hardly any oversight beyond the preparation phase (which, should you want to have less work in the morning, can be done before bed). The recipe is very versatile, so feel free to change things and mix them around (just not the eggs. Don’t mix the eggs), and I prefer this rather than fried eggs (which I hate) as they are less oily and the texture is nicer (not to mention the flavour!).


♣ Ingredients ♣

4 eggs

1 can chopped tomatoes

1/2 can chickpeas

chilies (according to taste), chopped

various herbs for seasoning

1 onion, sliced


Onions1. Heat the pan, add your preferred oil and fry the onion slices until slightly golden.

Tomato and chickpeas

2. Add the tomatoes (chopped work best, but really any kind of canned tomatoes would do), the chickpeas and the chopped chilies. This is the time to also add salt, pepper, paprika and herbs according to taste. Fresh herbs work best – try basil, oregano or thyme. Once the sauce is boiling turn the heat to medium.

Slow cooking

3.Crack the eggs and put them in. Now wait. The aim is for the eggs to slow cook, and once the entire egg white is cooked and solid (make sure it’s not gooey), they should be good to go. This can take around 20 minutes – but not much supervision is needed from her on. The yolk is still supposed to be runny – but if you don’t like them like that just keep them an extra bit longer.

If you want to make the process go (much) faster, put a lid on everything. The steam will help immensely and quicken the cooking, but then you risk your egg yolks also being hard at the end.


Want to be healthy? If you’re afraid about cholesterol, eliminate some – or all – of the egg yolks. Egg whites are fat free and cholesterol free, healthy and high in protein. If you’re worried about wasting all that egg yolk (or you just find it bothersome), look for a product called Two Chicks – Egg White, which you can find in most stores. These are pasteurized egg whites only.


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