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The skies, for better or worse, had been indeed the final frontier for bars and restaurants in London. With it’s tight grips over planning permits and seemingly hatred towards skyscrapers, the capital has been slowly but steadily invaded by towers of glass and steel (surely enough, the Shard had been inaugurated nearly 3 years ago). But do the nice views complement good food, or replace it?

LocationHutong, London Bridge, London

Head chef: Luo Bing

Cuisine: Northern Chinese

Camera: iPhone 6 (I know, the quality of my pictures has suffered lately)

As you enter the 33rd floor, the hip and futuristic mood of the place picks you up – and with the stunning views that it has to offer, no wonder it is such a trending place within London.

The drink are good too.

It kind of stops there. The Won-ton served with chilli and garlic sauce was good – and worth ordering, but the lamb was mediocre towards bad and the Dim Sum platter was equally unappealing. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a dim-sum aficionado, or maybe that would have made me flip the table in anger.

It was particularly frustrating as I was intending to persuade Anca that lamb meat is great. I love how it (generally) is soft, fattier meat that melts in your mouth. If I wanted lean, dry meat I’d have ordered goat.

I did not order goat.

Also – what the deal with Dragon Fruit? Does it ever taste like anything?

Grade: Purgatory


Hutong on Urbanspoon

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