Honest Burgers

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There is a craving, I am sure, that confronts all of humanity. A craving for juicy meat, squished between two beautiful pieces of bread, soft yet crunchy, with pickles and cheese and sauces all dripping everywhere. Literally everywhere, because it is a known fact that burgers always end up getting messy. Almost always.

Sure enough, burgers have become something that I, unfortunately, and hopefully the rest of humanity, associate with fast food. Which I in turn associate (see how at this point I gave up on hoping humanity would follow?) with stomach cramps and potentially lethal food poisoning. The emergence of places like Five Guys (which is basically McDonalds 2.0) has not helped.

Burgers, however, can be pretty awesome. Honest Burgers offers them for a rather decent price – about 8-9 pounds depending on whether you want cheese and such (the chicken version might be slightly more expensive – not sure. I hate chicken burgers). The menu is quite simple, with few options – which is a good think.

A picture of my co-foodie, Singapore’s finest:


The burger is good – and it doesn’t crumble apart as I try to eat it! Often the most annoying thing about burgers is that as you eat them they get sloppy and literally end up everywhere. A good burger means the combo is just right; don’t overpack the burger, and make sure the buns have the right texture and mould to hold everything together. Also you get free rosemary chips with it!

Grade: Sainthood

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