Bring on 2015

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Faster than I could snap my fingers and the new year has already begun. Some reflections over my blog and the year in front of it, with some restaurant openings to watch sprinkled in-between.

The ghost of years past

The year was mostly bad for the blogging part of my life: not only did my keenness to blog slowly dissipate as the months went by, but, with it, so did my “blog oriented” travelling style. I had spent little time with my camera in my Japan trip in October, and have since been to countless restaurants and even traveled without taking my camera with me at all.

I think blogging is a lot like fitness – you need to be motivated to keep doing it. Like everything in life, motivation can’t survive without some form of results. I keep going to the gym because it makes me fitter – I will digress no further about the levels of my hotness, but should you be a single hot gay man by all means do inquire… – but there haveĀ been few concrete results to my blog. Sure, there are the random “views” one gets, but despite those, I do not feel as if anyone actually reads anything here.


Food & frolics in 2015

I will attempt to resuscitate this blog – and every little bit from y’all helps (yes, I am a charity case. Give, give, give!)

In return, I promise lots of fun, recipes, fitness related posts and restaurants!

Speaking of restaurants, some things to keep an eye for this year is the (invasion) expansion of French cuisine in the British capital. Le Chateaubriand’s chef, Inaki Aizpitarte, is set to open a London restaurant called “Le Chabanais” (named after a famous brothel in Paris, so right up my alley) in February/March. Les 110 de Taillevent are also opening a wine bar/restaurant at the end of May, so keep some money in that purse.

February (12th) is also set to see the opening of an exhibition at the Science Museum called “Cravings“, which is free!


That would be all from me, ladies and gents and everything inbetween.

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