Le Cordon Bleu

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The world is littered with dreams, and all of those dreams have a place that acts as its holy ground. Sometimes, those places seem so far away and inaccessible, when they are literally a few tube stops away. At least for me, Le Cordon Bleu has always been that place when it comes to food. And here I am…

Chef Anthony Boyd was leading the short (short) course I was doing – “Taste of Le Cordon Bleu” – and he is an incredibly lovely man. The kitchen was amazing – induction stoves, wonderful pots and pans. It all felt so professional (an effect that is not so easy to obtain in my poorly fitted kitchen). The course felt at times like Hell’s Kitchen, with people trying to finish earlier than others (or at least I was), people looking at others because they forgot what to do.

There’s a lot of tips and tricks that you manage to learn (and really, that’s what cooking is all about), and being there was truly inspirational – being able to cook in a proper kitchen under the supervision of a chef made everything look stupidly easy. It was indeed a bit more difficult to extrapolate some of the things learned back into my kitchen, where the stove is different, my pots are different (and yes, instruments play a big role in how well you cook), and so on. And by different I just mean “they’re all shit by comparison”.

Most of the course was accompanied by scientific reasons for doing this instead of that – a great way to now become a smart-ass whenever you cook things for friends.

You also get to take all of the food you cooked home – an insane amount considering we made an entire chicken, dessert and we had already made our own lunch (the salmon). I would certainly suggest that anyone who has an inclination to cooking try one of their short courses (no, unfortunately I have not been paid by Le Cordon Bleu to shamelessly promote them) – it’s quite affordable and it’s a great way to spend your money. You learn how to cook better, and you get a diploma and an apron!


PS: and a tea towel. With engravings.




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