Eggsperiment II

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“Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky—take over the world!”

Or mess around with eggs again.

This time, it was all about boiling things. I have often heard people boil eggs for ridiculous amounts of times, from 10-15 minutes, when all it takes to hard boil an egg is 8 minutes (maybe even less!). So it was time to put to rest all the speculations. A great excuse to make funny faces on food too.

10 min

The way it worked was simple. I put all three eggs in the same pot, and boiled them for 8 minutes, took one out, left them another minute, took the other out, and left the last one for an extra minute. The first picture is the egg that boiled for 10 minutes.

9 min

This little tinkerdoodle was in the water for just 9. As you can see, no difference whatsoever.

8 min

This one was the quickest of the bunch, 8 minutes. Again, no difference whatsoever.

All the eggs

Still dont believe me? Look at all of them one next to the other. This is clear proof that you have been wasting precious minutes of your life when boiling eggs.


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