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The culinary world is one of wonders, age-old traditions and instructions that don’t make sense. How many times have I followed a baking recipe to the letter and my cake didn’t even rise? Or my cream was way too soft and then just went on to pour itself all over the fridge? No more, I would say. It was time for eggsperiments…

The title might be dorky, but the question for today was simple: does it matter whether I beat the egg all together, or whether I first beat the whites and then add the yolk?

My mother would always insist that whites needed to be beaten first and then have the yolk added. It was interesting to see if the two mini cakes would have a different texture or if they would rise differently in the oven.

I used the same amount of ingredients for both (one spoon of flour, one spoon of sugar, a pinch of baking powder, a teaspoon of coconut and half a teaspoon of cocoa powder).

The batter

At the first stage, you could see that the batter did look indeed a little bit different. The one on the left had the egg bits done apart, whilst the left one, where the egg was beaten all together, was much more airy.

the end

The end result wasn’t very different. Perhaps because the batter was in such small batches, the result was inconclusive. For certain, the surface texture of the apart version was much smoother, and it did seem to rise ever so slightly more than the together version. Next time perhaps I will be able to do a bigger version to see for certain.

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