Easter Goodies

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Easter Goodies

The holidays, regardless of whether you’re into self-flagellation, a lesser form of worshiping or a simple enemy of the Church, are a great opportunity to eat, spend money and be happy. What better time to show off how classy and tasteful you are to your relatives than now?

It’s also a great excuse to play with bunnies.


Macaroons are the devil’s sweets: full of temptation, sugar and expensive. That, and they’re French. Always a great addition to any socialite’s “holiday pack”.

Pierre Herme has a lovely little shop in Knightsbridge where you can go and spend you life’s savings. Each macaroon comes to about 1.9 pounds, or 16 pounds for a box of 7 (more expensive but you get to put them in something nice). The flavours change every day, and as if it wasn’t enough, they tempt you with chocolates as well.

Like everything in this life (such as love and beauty), macaroons are ephemeral and only last for about 4 days. Slightly less than my relationships.


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Bunnies and spice

Fortnum & Mason is my new shop-obsession. Between Picadilly and Green Park lay floors of wonders and happiness. From tea, coffee, chocolate and biscuits on the first floor, to kitchenware that nearly made me shed a tear to all sorts of classy, expensive gifts (they aren’t excessively expensive: about 4-5 pounds for a box of bagged tea, 12 pounds for ground coffee).

There were a lot of Easter-specific goodies at the ground floor. Some biscuits never hurt, have them with some tea or just munch them in a post-Easter depression because you realize you’ve gotten 3 kilos fat (not really my issue – but I don’t discriminate).

Bunnies n egg

The most exciting item I found was, however, a chocolate egg. Not an egg made of chocolate – that’s for the working class. An actual egg shell filled with delicious, hazelnut chocolate. If stuff is going to give me diabetes, then it better be tasty and make me feel like a queen (even tho I manage the latter pretty well by myself).



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