First Snow (Poland #1)

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Australia, despite its wonders and wombats, had deprived me of an essential element for my vitality: snow. So there is little to say about my excitement to be back in Europe, about Winter coming. Sure, we are now in Spring and Winter is long gone – but this post has been long overdue.

Location: Warsaw

I was completely sure that the strong winds would topple our plane and make it crash into millions of tiny, burning and screaming bits. For some reason (despite knowing all the statistics) I always prepare a corner of my mind for a situation akin to The Grey, when I will have to go into full “surviving zombie apocalypse” mode to ensure I make it to the ground alive.

At first, there was just wind and cold. Whether you arrive at Modlin of Chopin Airport, you will end up taking a train – and waiting for it in a rather communist, cold room – to the center of the city. Hunger had lead us to a rather nice restaurant that served some good pizza. As we sat inside, snow started covering everything outside. SNOW!


Obviously, since this was a debate related trip, the amount of touristy things I ended up doing is close to nil. The city center, however, was full of light, decorations and a strange inclination to kitsch. Everything had sparkling lights on it, so much so that I am sure you could have seen the city from space, like a small beacon.

I ended up roaming a bit by myself on the last day – the main train station has a Starbucks and a little contraption where you can leave your phone to charge (for a few zloty), which was great since I idiotically forgot my charger. The Palace of Science was all covered in mist and communism, one of them being less permanent than the other.

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