Muriel’s Kitchen

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Muriel's Kitchen

I must admit that this little restaurant on the corner constantly reminded me of “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, since that is the only thing I will ever be able to associate the name Muriel with. The way it even rolls of your tongue, Muriel.

It was, in a way, unexpectedly quaint inside, considering the restaurant is right at the edge of South Kensington Tube Stop towards a busy street (words fail me here, as I try to describe the location). There was a lot of light, nice furniture and decor which was incompatible with the sort of places that Courage would end up in. There was however a hot gay couple at the back. Eyecandy is really what makes successful restaurants successful.

Initially I had turned up to this place because a comment on 4square declared the lasagna here of no equal in London. My friend, I personally don’t think you’ve ever tried eating lasagna in an Italian restaurant before. Don’t get me wrong, the food was alright. Alright. Nothing incredible tho, and most definitely not the best lasagna out there, unless your idea of eating out is foraging in the cemeteries of Camden.

The service was a bit slow – especially since I am sure the lasagna was already made and only needed heating up. The strawberry milkshake was good tho. It only tasted slightly artificial and I did find the remnants of a strawberry on the bottom of the glass.

Grade: Purgatory

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