Burger & Lobster

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Burger & Lobster

Some people (and lesser bloggers) would at times shout “location, location!” as if stringing two words, a comma and an exclamation mark is something that being of higher intellect find difficult. What you could say, however, is that the prime location within Harvey Nichols ensures a high price and a good enough level of pretentiousness that means you have queues for hours.

It was time for my lobster-cherry to pop, and so it did, together with joints and other various parts of the marine creature. I will admit – it’s quite fun trying to get the meat out.

The ice teas were quite delicious; yet the rest of the food lacked that special aspect that the tea had. Sure, it was just a lobster and I’m guessing not much can be done about it. The french fries were cooked well, the salad was nice, and the lobster, well, was a lobster. And it didn’t move so can’t really bitch about it, right?

Despite not being a very big fan of seafood, I would recommend that everyone try this once in their life. Heck, everything should be tried once in your life! I doubt your world will be shaken by it, yet Burger & Lobsters offers a very good service with high quality dishes so it’s a safe bet you won’t be disappointed.

Grade: Sainthood

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