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As I had told Jason (my most latest ex, tho I’m not even sure he qualifies for the title considering the fleeting “thing” – for lack of a better word – we had), I am a master of rejection. Being rejected that is. I know, I have the ability of granting life such merriment and joy, starting this Christmas season with optimism and happiness.

The year had been a combination of amazing and shit – but then most good things in life seem to be like that. Or at least that’s  what I tell myself at night to feel better. From leaving Daniel when I left Oz – whom I did love dearly despite him thinking I didn’t, to health issues and being dumped ulteriourly, to finally visiting Japan, winning debate stuff and simply being amazing. I will refuse this year to count the best and worst moments, simply because several contend for the title.

I do have a piece of advice for people out there. You seem to think that time is on your side, that it will heal all, that it will get better. You are wrong. Time is out to get you. And it will eventually do so. The more you wait the more it will slip through your fingers (career, freedom, love, youth). Stop being afraid/idiotic/incredibly idiotic and fight for what you want. Stop squandering chances. Also, if you could, do figure out what you really want cause it just causes me a lot of headaches – people being confused about their priorities.

Now onto a sunnier side. Also known as me rubbing it in other people’s faces (not you Kai) all the many places I visited this year. I have been able to do a lot of traveling, and, whilst it might not have made me wiser, it has definitely made me more of a travel snob. Countries I’ve been to:

1. Australia

2. Japan

3. Vietnam

4. Kyrgyzstan

5. Hungary

6. Romania

7. Croatia

8. Belgium

9. Ireland

10. United Kingdom

11. Lithuania

12. Denmark

13. Netherlands

14. Poland

and, in 3 days,

15. India


Suck it haters. (I think I deserve some slack on this holy day the baby Jesus was born 2013 years ago)

It’s mainly your fault for not traveling. Seriously. Read what I wrote above. Finding excuses is easy. I would know cause I do it quite well.

Cheers to a new year that will hopefully make everyone a little bit smarter, because honestly stupidity has a very high social cost.


PS: A small gift I made for you all:

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