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DSC_0410“Good food requires good company or complete solitude”, Confucius said. Fine, he didn’t really say that, but he did seem the kind of chap who would not taint his taste buds with boring people and unpleasant people. Luckily enough, there was enough cheer, tasty food and friends to go around for this little visit to a cheap(ish) joint.

Like any proper Asian restaurant in London, the place was bustling with activity, queue at the door, as my hungry self peered inside to see the steams of noodles and goodness. Once inside I let my dark side take over as I went insane and ordered too many dishes. The menu is indeed extremely extensive: from sushi, to noodles, to donburi and almost anything you could want.

Sooner than you knew it, the table was swarmed by dishes: sushi rolls, fried tofu, eggplant, a ginormous bowl of ramen. I will discuss the taste in a trifling manner as I am forever low on patience and ability to write at 1am; overall the quality of the food is quite good, with low prices making a great combo. The dishes are also quite large – we were in awe of the sheer size of the large Miso Ramen, it could have easily fed an entire Burmese family. The flying fish roe sushi wasn’t particularly great, neither was the miso tofu, yet it was quite pleasant and tasty otherwise.

Definitely a place to come and splurge a little bit.

Grade: Sainthood

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