Savoy Grill

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Savoy Grill

In the grand culinary quest for the best eateries, it’s all a bit of a hit n miss at times really. Some places seem very nice, such as one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants set inside the Savoy, yet end up being rather bland and uninteresting.

We had hoped to find a good spot to have dinner for my sisters birthday. The parents, coming to visit us for several days, needed to be impressed by what food can offer. Certainly, I hope they were impressed at least by the grandeur of the restaurant and by the incredibly nice staff (they even gave my sis a handwritten birthday card).

We went for the Pre-Theatre menu, 3 courses for 28£. The starters were quite nice. At least mine was. We made sure that we have the whole range of what was permissible by the menu. The Jerusalem Artichoke soup was quite exquisite, not much to blame there.

The mains were certainly a bit of a let down. Not only did it lack any oomph, but it was bland in parts and seemed more like some sort of dish the forest troll would offer me when I visit him in his little shrub north of Hampstead Heath. In a nicer pot, tho. Trolls don’t really like ceramics, too fragile, they always break it.

Desserts were good, but nothing near what I would have liked. They were all simple (nothing wrong with simple), nothing like the playfulness I found at the Ledbury or at Lanceston Place. Sure, now I understand why this place doesnt have any Michellin stars.

To finish it off, we were given some sweet nibbles, chocolates and banana fritters, which were actually quite good, even tho most of us were full to the brim.

Grade: Sainthood

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