Iron Cows (Denmark #2)

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My journey would take me away from the cold, rainy capital, with its modern buildings and unfriendly people, to the depths of the country, equally cold, rainy and slightly unfriendly. It was bewildering how this country worked, prompting me to pursue the Quest for the Friendly People, which seemed an elusive species here. Yet I had hope, as I approached my destination: Herlufsholm, the boarding school. Or as I would call it, Hogwarts.

At first it seemed as a dystopia akin to 1984: when eating, everyone is pre-seated. You MUST sit at a specific table for the entire year, with a warden-like creature patrolling the tables to ensure that no one has dared have a say in it. Certainly, the food is good, yet it seemed so peculiar to force people to sit at specific spots and socialize with specific people.

The buildings were all grand, with a huge forest for the students to run around (and bury bodies I presume), with hunting classes (actual hunting. Like, having a gun and shooting things until they die) and a big taxidermy museum.

Nordic countries, by my decree, all are required to be Christmas themed. It seems only suitable considering the cold blistering weather. Fortunately enough, Denmark does a very good job at this (being Christmas themed). There were endless shops of wonderous goodies – from winter tea to mice bed made out of matchboxes. Naestved (the city near the boarding school) also had a unique talent of strange, phallic shaped or themed statues.

Time may not be kind to our bodies, but it is more than generous with our minds and memories. Unless you have Alzheimer’s. Yet many of my travels seem much nicer (or should I say less bad) when looked at in hindsight. Perhaps we cannot always see the value of travelling or experiences until we have managed to dissect them in a cold, calculated manner.

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