Cha Cha Moon

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Cha Cha Moon

One good thing about having any sort of meeting in a corporate environment is the offering of nibbles, drinks and alcohol. Considering the inaccesibility to alcohol consumption posed by the British in regards to poor Eastern European students such as myself, these events are god sent. What better way, then, to spend a short “after party” than in a little chinese restaurant?

Certainly, I say small but I mean it simply as a matter of speech. I have been in small restaurants and that generally implies about 4 seats in the back of what seems to be either a van or a small toilet, which is certainly not supposed to be able to hold 4 grown humans. This space is rather spacious, with long wooden tables – that kind of “you are going to share your table whether you like it or not” that Asian cuisine enjoys.

The food was alright. It was very fast – I’ll give you that. But not necesarily inspiring. The Singapore noodles seemed to be a modern fusion version that decided that “taste” was much too traditional and classic. “Eff you, taste, we dont need you”, the dish seemed to declare. Typical modern art.

The calamari was good enough – then again all you do is you fry the beast after you chopped it into tiny pieces. The Szichuan wontons with the spicy chilli sauce were also eatable, yet hardly spicy and the meat inside the wonton lacked flavour.

That’s it for now, folks. Short, snappy, to the point, with slight influences from perhaps a tiny bit too much alcohol (the memories, not right now. Much too early for any respectale gentleman to start drinking).

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Grade: Purgatory

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