Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House

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Tom's Kitchen at Somerset

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the British Empire was the largest empire humanity had ever succeeded in creating. It stretched across the seas and mountains, into the architecture and buildings of generations to come. Such grandeur should then be expected from a proud people as the British, and London is sprinkled full of big buildings with big statues and big egos.

Hidden in one of these little building of prestige lies a kitchen. Now, I would love to fantasize that mice cook the bread, birds stir the sirup and what not, but most likely humans do it, with their gloom and unfurry, unfeathery hands. In a way I had been reluctant to eat here – it smelled too much of a tourist trap than anything else. Yet the food all exposed everywhere, seemed rather nice.

Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset HouseĀ isn’t terribly cheap either, but then again you do get to peer outside at the imposing stone walls of the Somerset House. I went for the sandwich with the cheese in it, and, having a sweet tooth that will undoubtedly one day land me diabetes, also went for the Lemon and poppy-seed Cookie. What I enjoyed about them was their homey taste – as for the other cakes as well, you feel the vibe of “homemade cooking”.


Grade: Sainthood

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