Old friends, creepy art (Lithuania #3)

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One of the best things about traveling is when you get to meet old acquaintances that you know from some random international event, from school or from whatever dodgy placers you go to at night and meet people. It’s great not only because they can actually show you what’s worth seeing, but because you get to reconnect with people you havent seen in quite a while. Let’s face it – Facebook messenger just isn’t good enough.

Overall, this trip had been quite relaxing and mild (in comparison to my near-death-experience in some dodgy part of some dodgy Asian country); the trees were starting to wear they autumn clothes, the sun was still doing a rather good job at warming things up and there was the occasional burnt cadavre-like mummy on the street.

Ah yes, forgot to mention this kind of thing.

It would seem Lithuania rather likes having all sorts of strange statues and art: from the strange, creepy women statues at the Theater (the ones with the golden faces), to small cupid like statues plaguing various random buildings. Certainly, it is reinvigorating to see how the city has managed to rebrand itself and embrace a modern lifestyle.

Maria took us to this nice little restaurant called Cozy (Address: Dominikonų gatvė 10, Vilnius LT-01131), which, as daringly as the name suggest, is quite nice and cozy. The food there was also quite good, and, finding more reasons for me to splurge money (damn you intelligence), I even ordered dessert: key lime pie.

It also seemed monumentally more easy to order things when you have someone there who speaks Lithuanian. Who would have thought?

So we chatted away, gossiped a bit and caught up with each other a bit, and it was quite a good ending to my trip to this part of the world. And now, as I count what I’ve forgotten to say and what I added and wasnt there, I realize I haven’t been fully consistent with my travel logs. I wonder, if I would be paid for this, would I be more careful and write slightly more inspirational posts?

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