Misato (Cheap Lunch Series)

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One of the things I miss most from my Asian travel is being able to order a cheap dish that, when arriving at my table, is steaming of flavour and goodness, of a size so large that it could feed a small family of elephants. It’s not just that it’s cheap, or that it’s good, or that it’s a lot. It’s the holy trinity it acomplished. Finally, such a heavenly place found in the dark, decadent streets of London.



I remember, in fact, coming to this restaurant the first time I had visited London – oh what a wonderful time of my youth. Even then it was renowned for having these absolutely huge dishes for basically a nickle. Sure, it’s not that cheap, and it still doesn’t compare to the great Asian wilderness. Yet for 4.5£ it is good enough to enter the rather difficult Cheap Lunch Series.

The chicken was amazing, so moist it nearly melted in my mouth (not actually melting, that would have been a bit concerning). The sauce was delicious without overpowering the food, something most places that have no idea how to handle Teriyaki let happen. With great powers comes great responsibility, and teriyaki sauce is right up there. I did just use a Spiderman quote in a food review.


 Grade: Sainthood

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