Nordic Bakery

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Nordic Bakery

It’s always exciting to meet up with friends which you haven’t seen for a whole year, wondering if they are just as crazy as ever or if they started taking medication. Luckily for me most people never end up taking medication so it’s always just as entertaining to meet up with them. This post is about one such nutter (word I say with utter love).

This little gem was found out through Kai, famed for its Cinnamon buns throughout the land! (seriously, the Cinnamon Buns here are in the Time Out London’s 100 Best Dishes). The place is airy, tall ceiling and hard wood tables, like how a proper Viking would have it when he comes to his bakery after plundering villages and sacking cities. Somewhere one can unwind and tell the grand stories of his conquest. Most appropriate as I had to talk about Australia and Rosie returned from South Africa.

The smell of cinnamon is always something I appreciate – it always reminds me of baked goods and it just causes a feel good moment. This particular one also reminds me of one of my favorite desserts that my “grandma” used to make, a sort of cinnamon roll that was absoutely delicious. The outside has on bits caramelized sugar, a bit crunchy yet the rest of the bun is appropriately soft, a great combination between soft and hard that help you munch quite well. Definitely something everyone in London should give a go.


Grade: Sainthood

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