Atari-ya (The Cheap Lunch Series)

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There are countless places that I visit quite often and never quite get around to blog about them – places I enjoy, otherwise I wouldn’t frequent as much. I’m not a sado-masochist (not when it comes to food, anyway). For some reason, I never get my camera or I always delay thinking “I’ll just blog about it next time”. Well Gods bless this little place’s soul, “next time” finally came.

Winter is coming. Unfortunately, it needs to transition through autumn, not an entirely pleasant season in London, as I need to fight through murky weather and raining shit to get to any single place. I might just be a tad bit annoyed becase of my sore throat.

The place is small, especially now that you cant sit at any tables outside unless you enjoy having your lunch whilst taking a cold shower. It’s really not my business what you do at home and how you eat really. Luckily enough, as sushi places go, “take away” is available, so if you prefer to snuggle up to your pillow whilst eating (again, not really my business), then this place provides.

As you should know, the Cheap Lunch Series is a new quest of mine to find places where you can lunch for less than 5£, a quest I am soon to figure how difficult it really is in a city such as London. A bit of cheating might be done in this instance: not entire two sushi rolls will actually count as proper lunch, yet I really like this place and think it’s quite cheap so I will include it here.

What’s on offer? The salmon roll (6 pieces for 2£) and the tuna roll (6 pieces for 2£) for a stunning less than 5 quid total! (The spicy yellowtail roll is also very good but it’s about 3.5£ and I was trying to get as much food for less than 5… oh the sacrifices I make for my blog).

In a previous post I mentioned how little I know about Mexican food. It is now my time to shine – I consider myself quite knowledgeable (consider being the appropriate word) when it comes to Japanese food and am quite the sushi snob – as my travels led me to Japan and the only three Michelin star sushi restaurant. So let’s see about this sushi.

Considering the price, it has great value. Let me start with that. I enjoy eating sushi from this place. Is it the best sushi ever? Hardly. The rice was too hard (not moist enough, it was a little bit dry, fishies don’t like it dry and neiter do I), and the wasabi paste was a bit too overpowering. The star of this show is supposed to be the salmon and the tuna, not some jealous root that grows underground (well, like most roots) and just wants some spotlight.

Grade: Purgatory

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  1. Dada, acest loc belit in care m-au dus iwy si bibi sa manc, ca vezi doamne se poate manca, si de fapt am stat la doua mese intre doua frigidere. Dar era ieftin.

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