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To make sense of this blog post, I should contextualize the situation: if you, my dear, lovely reader, actually read my blog with ardent passion (highly unlikely), you will have noticed that last time I ended up in Gordon’s Wine Bar. As such, after half a bottle of wine, hunger had finally silenced my wallet’s wailing. It’s just safe to say that maybe this post should be read after downing a healthy glass of wine.

My one claim to fame when it comes to Mexican food is that I have actually been to Mexico (oh, all the mouth-watering memories); it kinda stops there. To my shame (I presume), I barely know the difference between tacos and burritos (except the minor, ‘duh’ kind of differences). Certainly enough, I rarely have Mexican food – my taste tends to revolve around Asian food and my weird obsession for poached eggs. So I won’t be trying to judge this by how “ethnic” the food really is.

Enough about me rambling and onto the food (and tequila): certainly the place gets brownie points for giving me two types of chilli sauce even before I get my food! (seriously, no sarcasm there) We went for the tacos, the Campechano with extra salsa, the Pastor and the Gobernador. Just as I had thought I micro-managed my spending, Dea tells me about these interesting shots that they do, called Banderita, supposedly a Mexican tradition. How can I say no to traditions? (besically you get this massive shot of tequila, a shot of sangrita – sort of tomato juice – and a shot of lime juice).

The tacos were quite enjoyable, the meat was juicy, the salsa was fresh, the added chilli sauce gave it a little kick it was missing. Sipping from the tequila brought back memories – perhaps at the expense of my taste buds – for Mexico is certainly a country one must drink a lot. Everything was so cheap there. The food must have been quite good, or perhaps the portions were just small, because I literally gulped them down.

Grade: Sainthood

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