Gordon’s Wine Bar

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Gordons wine bar

It has dawned upon me, a long time ago, that the only way I would ever be capable of saving money would be to cut away most of my social life – good company and cheer always just makes me ignore the value of money in a vain attempt to “seize the moment”. Now, we all know that won’t be happening, that I enjoy eating out too much, so the only real solution would be to get rich.

In a rather hidden alleyway near busy Embankment lies another busy street where Gordons has claimed territory, busy with cheer, wine and people about to get drunk and do stuff they will later on regret, whilst adding a mental note to never drink that particular sort of wine ever again. As I myself know nothing of wines, I left Dea to her devices and started exploring the cellar.

The cheese winked at me, in that creepy sort of way cheese generally winks. I felt temptation, I remembered the amazing cheese I ate with Ronit in Dublin, yet my wallet was yelling at me, praying for self-control. Somehow, to my amazement, I managed not to buy any food. So this post wont be agonizing over anything culinary, even though it all looked quite good with a glass of wine, with plenty of warm food and a burger place outside that smelled amazing.

Busy at it was, and perhaps a tip for the future comers would be to get there a tad bit earlier – unless they wish to rebelliously spill into the gardens next-door – it proved to be a pleasant day out in town. Certainly, as summer ends (I’ve been walking through rain all day today), perhaps this isn’t the best place to go – unless you are keen on sitting in the cellar. But something to remember for next summer.

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