Strange, Forum Blues (Ireland #1)

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Forum blues

Certainly enough, this is a little bit of cheating. Whilst this grand adventure did take place in the Land of Potatoes & Rain, there will be little mentioning in this post on what to see in lovely Galway or what to be afraid of in Ireland. It’s more an exploration of the whirlwind that is the Youth Forum once more, with plenty of amusing pictures to delight even the most dimwited readers of mine.

They came divided, in countries and states, fueled by the desire to win the World Karl Popper Debate Championship. It is always amusing to see how all those groups slowly dissolve, to a certain extent, as soon as the first part of the forum is over. As for me, eternally a communist infiltrator, I seemed to have little problem attaching myself to any group I wanted. I even became part of the Pakistan country photo. I’m that good (see, Daniyal, I’m mentioning you! No, not you Nasir).

There is no need for me to say how important such an event is, not only for the debating (which is an essential part), but also because it is a unique opportunity to challenge so many wrong conceptions of different countries, of the gays and the jews (breaks out in a little musical moment), of life and how much it sucks not to socialize and be friends.

One of the greates things in Mexico was that I didnt know it was possible to meet someone (Annu) and get along so well in just two weeks. Yet, once again, my jady, hard shell has been taken down by my new lab partner, my eternal jew, Ronit. Oh all the games our lab played, all the educational trips we had and all the sheer fun. If anything, I hope all our children (that is how I will forever call them) will have pleasant memories that they will hold onto forever. Or a long time. Or at least a short time. I’m really not all that picky.

We must have seemed quite strange from the outside. And there were some moments that were quite strange indeed – albeit extremely funny – such as the Jack the Ripper speech (which no one is ever allowed to mention ever again in any form whatsoever). In my experience tho, the good things always seem a bit strange from the outside.


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