Stress of change

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One would hope that my absence from the virtual world has been noticed; that families have been praying for my return, women have been wailing and children have been crying. It all started with my decision to move from to and then my life got complicated in an entirely unrelated manner. Lots of travelling and work and little time and lots of frustration.

It was time to evolve, I said myself. After more than a year of dedication and hard work, my blog had gained enough substance for me to be proud of it. In a moment which I thought was pure inspiration, I decided to move to I thought it was high time to move away from the constraining yet easy to use and to make my blog even better.


Little did I know how much hassle it would be. Find a host, pay it, move your entire website, find out moving bring a lot of bugs, then realize that now you are not connected to the WordPress network anymore – so no more likes, no more easy followers. The entire process gave me such headaches I even considered stopping writing anything. Quitting blogging.


Certainly, there is more freedom to what I can do – but it’s a rather difficult freedom to use. Its not all that easy to add functions and to modify and what not. You are also not conncted to the wordpress network from what I see – I cant follow blogs as easily and other cannot follow mine, or like my post.


One conclusion exists: life is rather hard and messy and incredibly annoying at times. Hopefully it will pay off in the long run.

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