Dozo Sushi (Kensington)

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Another day, another time to eat out – especially since I will be leaving my precious London for another month. As the suggestion of eating Japanese came up, I was tempted to say no. After having eaten amazing food in Japan, I was afraid of trying anything in other places, as I know how often the Japanese food is just not up to par.

This place seems to be a branch of the Dozo restaurant in Soho – of which I have no idea, so wouldn’t be able to compare and contrast between the two. End of random information so that my blog looks more like a proper food blog. Onto the nonsense. I mean food.

In truth, I was right about my fear. The food was just not up to par – altough I guess whenever you go to a country and have the cuisine there (I’m sure the same is the same for every Asian country), you know it’s just not going to be the same. Not even the service was all that great – the food having been brought separately: Kai got his soba and tempura quite a while before I received anything.

I went with the kushiyaki (which I’ve never had before – basically skewers of all sorts of meat and veggie, aren’t I simply adventurous) – which were very diverse, I must admit, altough for some obscure reason you had to order two of each at least. The portions weren’t very large either (basically toothpick size), and it was generally a hit and miss. The pork belly was good, but I think it could have been cooked a bit longer to make sure the fat crisps a bit, whilst the meat needed to be less dry. That is what pork belly is for: that nice, slightly greasy texture of the fat and the meat! One of the shiitake skewers was a bit too sweet, I have no idea why some people want to drown the poor mushrooms in sweet sauce. The other skewer was great: you could taste the charcoal.

As portions were quite small and we were both famished we went for some more. The chicken and onions were quite good – I have little comments on that one. The beef tasted a bit strange, and, again, could have been cooked for longer (beef is a bit of a difficult meat to handle). Then we also went for the bacon and enoki mushrooms which I thought was a bit of a flop. Again, crispier bacon would have been quite lovely.

So, dear readers, if you have any idea of good – cross that, great/amazing Japanese restaurants, please to let me know of them!

Grade: Purgatory

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