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As Emma Bombek perfectly noted, “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart”. What better opportunity to do so when a restaurant presents you, at its door, with a couple of slabs of meat hanging from a hook, an actual butcher’s shop inside it, with promise of fresh steak and wonders.

We we’re quickly taken to our seats – the first room, with the butchery, was so cool and absolutely refreshing considering the hot weather outside (Kai was literally melting away), yet the second room was surprisingly hot. We asked to move back to the pleasant, air conditioned part and sat at a little bar that they have there.

I found the place to be rather lively and with a life of its own – besides the butcher that was happily chopping away at a dead animals part – and I think that seems to be a rather unique thing with restaurants in general. The staff was very pleasant and the constant chatter in Italian made the place feel… well… Italian.

As I took the first bites of my spicy tenderloin (medium rare, 16 pounds), I was honestly about to complain how the food was barely spicy – so definitely not what was promoted on the menu. I was about to bemoan how this is just another one of the little games of life and on the unfairness of society! Then I took a few more bites. I don’t know if its just me, but whenever I don’t expect something to be spicy and eat it I nearly end up choking. It seemed that all the spiciness was caught more towards the middle, with less of it on the sides of the steak.

The potatoes were also quite delicious, small little cubes of wonder, well baked throughout so that the inside was soft, whilst the outside was crispy, a bit oily and well salted. As you see, however, the bites are diced up quite small – I expected them to be larger but still fine.

Kai’s Tagliata Pere(medium rare – supposedly, I’d say it was rare  – also 16 pounds) was interesting, the pears giving it a nice, sweet taste, but I personally preferred my steak (and he seems to agree with that) – but then I’m a bit biased with sweet tasting main meals and tend to be quite picky about them.

Grade: Sainthood

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